Development  and  Validation  of  Spectrophotometric  Methods  for Simultaneous  Estimation  of  Escitalopram  oxalate  and  Etizolam  in  their  Combined Tablet  Dosage  Form Bhumika D. Sakhreliya*, Dr. Priti D. Trivedi, Darshana K. Modi
Evalution of Antidepressant Activity of Picrorrhiza Kurroa in Mice P. V. Patani*, Deepti Jani, Dr. A. K. Seth, Dr. M. M. Ghaisas, Nihar Shah
Volume 2, Issue 5 Pages no. 194-253      Bring your pointer on Abstract to show abstracts  
Design, Development, Evaluation and Optimization of an Extended Release Tablet for Theophylline Chntan Sinora*, Tejas Ghelani and A.K.Seth
Review on Abortion-Abortifacients to explore Unethical Issues J.A.Patel* & Dr. T.R.Desai
Evolution of Pharmaceutical Industry: A global Indian & Gujarat perspective Prof.Viral shah*
A Review on Osmotically Controlled Oral Drug Delivery Systems Nihar Shah*, Nishith Patel, Dr. Kanubhai R.Patel, Dipen Patel
Formulation and Development pH induced in-situ gelling system of an anti infective drug for sustained  ocular drug delivery Jayant Madhukar Deshpande 1*, Dr. Paresh B. Shah2
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Synthesis and Evaluation of Some Novel Pyrazole Derivatives for Anti-Inflammatory and Antimicrobial Activity P.V. Patel, S. R. Pattan, V.B. Tambe,R. K. Godge, J. S. Pattan