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PROCESSING  CHARGES Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Bioscientific Research (JPSBR) is open access and online  journal available on international platform. The journal is free access and one has to pay no charges  for Publication & downloading of articles worldwide. Further, we do not charge anything for  registration, but for publication process we do  have certain limitations  and  we  charge  for it.  The  authors will  have to  pay processing charges only  after acceptance  of  their  manuscript.  The  authors  are  liable  to  get  a  paper  publication certificate which mention  the  name of  authors,  manuscript  number, title, publication volume number and issue number along with the  acknowledgement of payment by mail. For promotion of review article the charges of them are kept  lower than research article.  For review article   US$20 or 15£ or INR 900/- Up to four authors  For research article,  US$25 or 20£ or INR 1100/- up to four authors  Payment  of  processing charges  can  be  made  by  demand draft / cheque, NEFT  or  by direct   account  transfer  (The details for demand draft or and direct  account transfer  will  be  sending to  author's email address after article acceptance.) Please make sure submission of article doesn't  mean acceptance of article and for submission of article, authors do not have to any pay charges.