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Instruction to Authors Introduction:   Journal    of    Pharmaceutical    Science    and    Bioscientific    Research    is    an    international    open    access    journal    that publishes    innovative    papers,    reviews,    rapid    communications    and    notes    dealing    with    field    of    Pharmacy    and Pharmaceutical   Science.   Areas   of   particular   interest   include:   Pharmaceutical   Technology,   Novel   Drug   Delivery, Biopharmaceutics,    Pharmacokinetics,    Pharmaceutical    Analysis,    Medicinal    Chemistry,    Clinical    and    Hospital Pharmacy,   Pharmacognosy   and   Phytochemistry,   Pharmacology,   Bioinformatics   and   Biotechnology,   Cell   Biology, Genomic   and   Proteomics,   Genetics   Quality   Assurance   and   Pharmaceutical   Regulatory   Affairs,   Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs, Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs and Pharma Management of Pharmaceutical Interest. Before You Begin: All   submitted   manuscripts   should   contain   original   work   neither   published   previously   not   under   consideration   for publication   elsewhere.   Articles   from   any   part   of   the   world   are   accepted   provided   submitted   in   English   language only.   Page   limit   for   Research   article   and   for   Review   article   is   15-20   pages.   Authors,   in   their   cover   letter   to   Editor, should   clearly   mention   whether   the   manuscript   is   to   be   considered   as   a   Research   or   a   Review   article.   In   case   of Review article, should include current topics on the subject of general interest. It   is   necessary   that   authors   prepare   their   manuscripts   according   to   the   instructions.   Effectiveness   of   the   peer review process will greatly depends upon the care used by the authors in preparing the manuscripts. Authors   must   state   in   a   covering   letter   when   submitting   papers   for   publication   the   novelty   embodied   in their work or in the approach taken in their research. Cover letter sample is given at web site  If any query arises please contact at  or at website   Peer Review Process: All   manuscripts   receive   individual   identification   codes.   The   Editor   in   Chief   then   sends   it   to   a   proper   editor.   The editors   are   fully   responsible   for   decisions   about   manuscripts.   The   final   decision   whether   to   accept   or   to   reject manuscript   rests   with   editors.   Editor   in   Chief   only   communicates   the   final   decision   and   informs   about   the   further processing. Revised Manuscript Submission: Whenever   revision   of   a   manuscript   is   needed,   authors   should   return   the   revised   version   of   their   manuscripts   as early as possible. This will help them for rapid processing for further. Transfer of Copy right Agreement: Transfer   of   Copyright Agreement   must   be   provided   for   each   accepted   manuscript   and   that   should   be   dully   signed, scanned and sent via mail to the Editor in Chief. Download the copyright form from   here Formats of manuscript The   following   sections   are   required   and   should   be   arranged   in   the   following   order:    Cover   Letter,   Manuscript   [Title page,    Abstract,    Keywords,    1.    Introduction,    2.    Materials    and    methods,    3.    Results    and    discussion,    4. Conclusion, (Acknowledgements), References, Figure and Table with legends]. Prepare   Manuscript   in   Calibri   font   using   font   size   of   12   with   normal   margins   on   all   the   sides.   Title   shall   be   in   a   font size   14,   bold   face   capitals. All   section   titles   shall   be   in   font   size   12,   bold   face   capitals.   Pages   should   be   numbered consecutively.   Subtitles   in   every   section   shall   be   in   font   size   12,   bold   face   lower   case.   Standard   International   Units should be used through the text. Manuscripts   should   be   submitted   as   per   order: Title   Page, Abstract,   Key   words,   Introduction,   Material   and   Methods, Results, Discussion and References. Title Page The   title   should   be   as   short   as   possible   and   precisely   indicate   the   nature   of   the   work   in   the   communication.   Names of   the   authors   should   appear   as   initials   followed   by   surnames   along   with   their   affiliation   to   the   workplace   (where work   hasbeen   carriedout).   At   the   bottom   left   corner   of   the   title   page,   please   mention   “*For   Correspondence”   and provide   a   functional   e-mail   address   of   corresponding   author   only.   If   any   of   the   co-authors   are   from   different organizations, their addresses also be mentioned and indicated using numbers after their names. Abstract Should   be   started   on   new   page   after   the   title   page   and   it   should   not   exceed   250   words.   The   Abstract   should   be informative and should state briefly the purpose of the research, the principal results and     major conclusions. Key words : 5-7 key words must be given at the end of the abstract. Introduction: Should   starts   on   new   page. This   part   should   define   the   background   and   significance   of   the   study   by   considering   the relevant literature, particularly the most recent publications. Materials and Methods Please   provide   concise   but   complete   information   about   the   material   and   the   analytical,   statistical   and   experimental procedures used. This part should be as clear to enable other scientists to repeat the research presented. Results and Discussions All   findings   presented   in   tabular   or   graphical   form   shall   be   described   in   this   section.   The   data   should   be   statistically analysed   and   the   level   of   significance   stated.   Data   that   is   not   statistically   significant   need   only   to   be   mentioned   in the   text   -   no   illustration   is   necessary. All   Tables   and   figures   must   have   a   title   or   caption   and   a   legend   to   make   them self-explanatory. Discussion   must   be   written   with   reference   to   the   tables   and   figures   and   by   considering   information   from   the literature   and   should   contain   a   short   review   of   the   results. Any   Statements   made   in   the   any   above   sections   should not be repeated here. There is no restriction for result and discussion to be written separately. References Should   be   numbered   consecutively   in   the   order   in   which   they   are   first   mentioned   in   the   text   (not   in   alphabetic order).   Identify   references   in   text,   tables   and   legends   by   Arabic   numerals   in   superscript   in   square   brackets. References   cited   only   in   tables   or   figure   legends   should   be   numbered   in   accordance   with   the   sequence   established by the first identification in the text of the particular table or figure. Examples: Journals:    Shah   NM,   Fransis   R   and   Lesaly   RJ.   Synthesis   Characterization   and   Analytical   Studies   of   Adosupine, Journal of Pharmacy Science, 2008; 134(5):1448-58. Book:    Shah    Mamta    and    Marfatia    Sangeeta.    A    Text    Book    of    Pharmacognosy,    Nirav    &    Roopal    Publication, Ahmedabad, First Edition. 2011:65-68. Thesis:    Kaplan   SJ.   Posthospital   Home   Health   Care:   The   Elderly's   Access   and   Utilization   [dissertation].   St.   Louis Washington University. 1995: 78-80. Patent:    Kulkarni   N,   Kumar   LD   and   Sorg A.   Fast   Dissolving   Orally   Consumable   Films   containing   an Antitussive   and a Mucosa Coating Agent, U.S. Patent 2003/206942, Nov 6, 2003. Website:       Cartwright      J      (2007)      Big      stars      have      weather      too.      IOP      Publishing      Physics      Web ( Accessed 26 June 2015. Tables and figures Tables:   Each   table   must   be   given   on   a   separate   page   with   a   brief   but   complete   and   self   explanatory   caption   so   that the   reader   can   easily   understand   the   results   presented   in   the   table.   Please   do   not   duplicate   material   that   is   already presented in the figures. Figures:    Photos   or   drawings   must   have   a   good   contrast   of   dark   and   light.   Legends   of   figures   should   be   brief,   but complete   and   self-   explanatory   so   that   the   reader   can   easily   understand   the   results   presented   in   the   figure.   Please do not duplicate material that is already presented in the tables. Conflict of Interest statement It must be declared by authors. Galley Proof Galley   proofs   would   be   sent   unless   indicated   otherwise   to   the   corresponding   author.   It   is   the   responsibility   of   the corresponding   author   to   ensure   that   the   galley   proof   are   to   be   returned   without   delay   with   correction   (if   any).   The authors are responsible for the contents appeared in their published manuscripts. Ethical matter Authors    using    experimental    animals    and    human    subjects    in    their    investigation    must    seek    approval    from    the appropriate   Ethical   Committee.   The   method   section   must   include   a   statement   to   prove   that   the   investigation   was approved   and   that   informed   consent   was   obtained.   Authors   have   to   submit   scan   copy   of   their   Approval   Certificate as   an   attachment   via    and   in   cover   note   they   have   to   mention   their   protocol   number. Pagiarism in manuscript will lead to straight forward rejection for publication.
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