Formulation  and Evaluation of Melt In Mouth Tablet Of Perphenazine                                                                                                Nishith Patel*, Shashtri Yashesh                   
Awareness on Lymphatic Filariasis: A Chain continues for Elimination                                                                                                      Janam Desai, Sanket Desai, Patel Nidhi, Chirag Desai                 
Volume 4, Issue 6 Pages no. 335-367 Due to some reason the abstract of published paper are not shown in the view abstract tab of individual article     
Awareness on Malaria in Industrial town Vapi: An Initiative                                                                                                                                           Aarti Panchal, Krupali Dave, Prachi Desai, Chirag Desai
Awareness on Lymphatic Filariasis: An Initiative for Elimination                                                                                                                                              Chandani Desai, Arzoo Gouri, Krunal Bhandari, Chirag Desai               
Analytical Method Development and Validation for Simultaneous Estimation of Timolol Maleate and Brimonidine                               Tartrate in Bulk and Marketed Ophthalmic Formulation                                                                                                                                                    Suketa K. Mehta*, Dr. Dilip G. Maheshwari
Community Awareness on Sickle cell anemia in Tribal area: An Initiative                                                                                                                                                Chirag Desai, Krunal Bhandari, Dr. Atul M Desai, Dr. Biren Shah
Awareness on Sickle Cell Anemia in Higher Secondary School Students of Tribal Area: An Initiative                                                                                        Chirag Desai, Krunal Bhandari, Dr. Atul M Desai, Dr. Biren Shah         
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Exploration of Effects of Superdisintegrant in the Fast Disintegrating Tablet Formulation                                                                                   Nayankumar C. Ratnakr*, Tushar M. Patel, Dhaval V. Madat, Divyeshkumar B. Doshi, Beenkumar R. Prajapati                  
RP-HPLC Method Development and Validation using Factorial Design for Simultaneous Estimation of Thiocolchicoside and Etodolac with Forced Degradation Studies Alisha Patel, Biren Shah  
Development and Validation of Area Under Curve Method for Simultaneous Estimation of Thiocolchicoside and Lornoxicam in Tablet Dosage Form Alisha Patel, Biren Shah